One-on-one coaching session with a specialist in Global Talent Management who supports International offices at Universities. 

After working so hard to pass college admission tests, it is difficult to admit that studying abroad can be challenging. A new country, a new school, without knowing classmates, and an overload of school work between finals and assignments can be overwhelming. Sometimes even financial problems can also happen since studying abroad is not cheap.

We are with you! We can support you through the entire cycle of being an international student: before, during and after your studies. For example, you can discuss with us:

  • Applying to universities abroad
  • Getting a student visa
  • Supporting yourself financially
  • Getting scholarships and GA positions 
  • Succeeding as a student 
  • Overwhelming of school work
  • Applying for OPT and CTP
  • Getting internships
  • Preparing for the job market after graduation 
  • Getting a job and becoming a strong candidate for a work visa 

Online session: phone, skype, facetime, or hangouts.

Do you want to know more about this session? Reach us out! 

Special prices for additional sessions, ask for a quote!

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