Topic: Global Communication – Communicating Across Borders  

Course description:

Do you feel you have challenges in communicating your point of views in the new country you are?

Do you feel it is hard to share the right message and be understood by co-workers, clients, and boss?

Each culture has its own communication style which needs to be identified if you want to be effective in delivering messages and accomplishing things. People usually are aware of the communication differences between individuals. Your current boss’ communication style is different than your previous one, for example. However, what people are still not familiar with is how cultures and values can be an important influence on how countries, companies, and people interact; the way people connect, share, relate and mobilize. It is not only idioms that impact communication efficiency but as well cultural barriers.

Advantages of improving your global communication:

  • Accelerate your professional career – good communicators have leadership positions
  • Have your point of view and message better comprehended and accepted by others
  • Influence others across borders – customers, virtual teams, international partners and others
  • Improve personal relationships
  • Adapt better to a new country or a new company’s culture

Duration: 3 hours

Language: English, Portuguese, and Spanish

What makes our workshop different than others: it is alive! You have the benefit of taking it from the comfort of your home and at the same time have the opportunity of interacting with the instructor by participating in discussions and asking "at the moment" questions. Social interaction with other students and the instructor boosts everyone learning.

What will you learn?

  • Intercultural Communication Challenges
  • Cultural value dimensions
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Global communication competence
  • Verbal and Non-verbal communication
  • Intercultural relationship development

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