Workforce planning is the capability of an organization to forecast and plan for future talent needs.

What does your organization need in terms of talent and skills to grow and achieve business’ goals in a short and long-term?

Forecasting and planning workforce supply and demand will ensure you have the right talent in the right place at the right time. It follows a systematic approach that assesses talent to determine the right size, type, and quality of the workforce you need to achieve business goals. 

Not engaging in workforce planning will lead you to two main issues:

1) Your Talent Acquisitions approach will be reactive which affects your ability to fulfill positions fast and efficient. Recruiters’ productivity will be poor and,

 2) Lack of skills and talent will affect your business ability to delivery clients’ products and services and beat competitors in the long run.

Identify the capabilities and gaps within your current workforce and plan ahead by hiring the new talent you need or developing your current employees. At this stage, lack of skill in your local talent pool is a common roadblock; however, Ubeyon pulls talent from a global pool, and give you a broader perspective.

Goal: Ensure that qualified employees are available when you most need.


  • Talent Need Assessment and Analysis
  • Labor Market Analysis
  • Partnering with the Right External Talent Sources
  • Identify and Map Skill Sets in national and international markets
  • Talent Strategy & Implementation 

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