Ebook: Start building a Global Career by knowing which professions and skills countries and companies need.

Author: Luana Pereira (Global Talent Management Specialist) 

Pages: 23

Language: English

You will download the eBook immediately.

If you want to build a Global Career, the first step which you should take is to understand what countries, labor markets, and global companies need in terms of talent resources. It gives you the knowledge to evaluate your own profile to see where you stand:  Are you one of the talents that are in need?

After reading this material, you should know:

  • Current and future skills desired globally 
  • Skill sets in need by region (countries)
  • If you are one of the talents that are in need
  • What qualifications you need to be a competitive candidate for a global career

Handbook + Question Session

If you select the variant option: Handbook + Question Session, the following is included: 

  • Handbook (description above)
  • Ask questions and doubts about the handbook's topic (30 min) 
  • Communication can be in English, Portuguese and, Spanish. 
  • After studying the material, you can book your Question Session by sending us an email: customerservice@ubeyon.com


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