Ubeyon extends recruitment and selection process to prospects across the globe, helping companies tap to a unique talent pool abroad. We apply our selection process at a global level to ensure we bring the best talent on board. A local-only pool is shallow and limited, you may not find the right candidates, or if you do, they are limited and too expensive. You cannot compete in the talent market and bring them on board. 

Share with Ubeyon your talent needs and open positions and we will find the best candidates anywhere in the world seamless since we know each country’s strengths and shortages of skills and talent. Also, if you want to build a team in a specific location/country because of its talent availability, we can help you by hiring and taking care of labor laws.

Goal: tap to a unique talent pool abroad and have cost-effective hires.


  • Countries Talent Pools
  • Countries Talent Assessment
  • Recruitment and Selection Process Abroad
  • Countries’ Labor laws
  • Negotiation & Contracts Globally
  • Building Team Abroad

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