Employer brand encompasses an organization’s reputation and image from the perspective of potential and current employees. A positive brand increases employee retention and maximizes the success of hiring future talent. 

Candidate experience refers to how potential employees and job seekers perceive an organization’s recruitment and selection process. 

An outstanding experience is associated positively with a company’s ability to hire and motivate candidates to join its workforce. On the opposite side, a candidate poor experience associated with a negative employer brand can lead to public scrutiny and backlash which affects an employer’s capability to hire and retain talent.  In worst cases, it affects a company’s image among its customers leading to a decrease in sales and clients’ satisfaction. 

Employer Brand and candidate experience are quickly becoming a trend within HR management and marketing hiring, and even long-standing successful companies are actively working to improve themselves in these departments at a global level. It is challenging to share and preserve a positive brand among different cultures and values.

Goal: establish a strong and positive brand among employees, candidates, and customers to maximize hiring, retention and customers’ satisfaction.


  • Global Employer Brand
  • Competitors Brand Assessment
  • Market Research & Social Media Content
  • Marketing Hiring and Branding
  • Recruitment & Selection Process
  • Candidates, Employees and Customers’ satisfaction tracking

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