Those who develop a cross-cultural mindset have an increased chance of achieving success in different areas such as leadership, communication, people management, and global selling. It is important to study the differences between your culture and other cultures and mainly acknowledge what makes you uncomfortable and why. It is impractical and not realistic to believe that cultural differences are an easy thing to be accepted. Actually pretending that anyone accepts cultural differences obstructs a more assertive way of dealing with diversity. Once you recognize your potential biases, you open up, and start understanding and respecting better. The ability to listen, to put yourself in other culture’s shoes, adapt and choose the right communication are the basis for developing a cross-cultural mindset.

People who have a cross-cultural mindset are perceived as:

  • More creative because they can share different points of views
  • Share better solutions for problems or ideas because of the deep understanding of how problems can affect the big picture
  • Manage people more effectively for understanding individuals and their interactions better
  • Come across effective leaders for their social and communication skills
  • Have the ability to connect with clients, employees, teams better at a national and global level.
ADDIE Model is an approach used by Ubeyon to design, implement and evaluate Cross-Cultural Training and Development Programs.


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