Have you ever felt that no matter what you do, native speakers of your second language are still giving you a hard time for not understanding your accent and pronunciation?

Coworkers, bosses or professors keep highlighting by small gestures that your second language is not at the level of natives, and let's be honest, it can be a problem! You may lose that business deal, or not be considered for a promotion, and you could fail that job interview which you really want. At the end, you reached a level where you are competing or dealing with natives who expect your communication to be as perfect as theirs. Improving your accent and pronunciation can open many doors for you. 

We can help you! Master your accent and pronunciation at your own pace. We will customize the lessons based on what you most need. 

Online Lessons with Professors – Skype

Languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Do you need to learn a different language? No, problem! Reach us out!

Special prices for lesson package, ask for a quote!

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