The benefits of expanding your teams overseas are significant; you can tap to a unique talent pool never before accessed, cut labor costs and fulfill customers’ needs better when located in their home countries. However, managing talent abroad is an involved process that requires more than a standard HR knowledge. Specialized expertise is necessary to shoulder the complexity of diversified labor laws, cultures, virtual communication and the administrative weight of an international workforce. 

Ubeyon can help find unique skills abroad that you cannot find in the local market, and build a team for you. We take care of legal labors, employment contracts, insurances, benefits and payroll in the chosen country. We provide the entire cycle of employee management from building the team to developing and managing them.

Goal: implement the entire talent management cycle abroad from hiring to developing and managing teams.


  • International Recruitment & Selection Process,
  • Labor laws & Contracts
  • Compensation, Benefits & Payroll
  • Onboarding, Training and Development Programs
  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee relation and Management
  • Virtual Communication

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