Book: I Made It. So Can You!
A practical and inspirational guide for international students on how to study and work in the USA

Author: Luana Pereira (Global Talent Management Specialist) 

Pages: 163

Language: English

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I Made It. So Can You!
A practical and inspirational guide for international students on how to study and work in the USA


As an international student, you have a dream of pursuing a degree in the USA to differentiate yourself in the job market. You dream to successfully be granted a student visa, be admitted to a strong university, do well, get a scholarship, and internships. At the end of your study abroad journey, you hope to get a dream job with a work sponsorship in the USA or have a prosperous career anywhere in the world, including back home.

You have left the comfort of your home-country because you are visionary. You want to make a difference and work very hard to achieve it. Every stage in this process is a fight. You fight against the current immigration situation which challenges you non-stop. Yes, it is tiring! Your student visa may be denied, you need to master a second language and pass all the admission tests successfully. You may need to earn extra income and get scholarships to support yourself financially while abroad. As a full-time student, you are busy, you have a heavy curriculum and need to pass all your subjects, maintain good grades, engage in extracurricular activities, and network. Close to graduation, you need to master the tricks of a new labor market, have a strong resume, perform well on job interviews and get internships. It is a continuous battle! You definitely deserve a dream job and work visa at the end.

The author of this book understands how you feel and what you need. This book supports you by showing how you can surpass all the challenges and WIN. Believe in it! You can make it! Luana Pereira was once in your shoes: a young student from Brazil, near-penniless but determined to study in the USA.  Now she is a successful Human Resources Director in New York City, has her own Global Talent Management Consultancy working with companies by hiring professionals, like you. She also works as a professor for MBA programs at American universities by being close to international students. She made it and now she wants to give back by sharing practical advice along with inspiring real-life stories through this book. You gain glimpses into Luana's personal journey as well as a list of practical resources and the insider business knowledge that you need to succeed.

Do you want to study, live and work in the USA?

This book shows you how you can achieve your dreams!

Find out how to:

  • Apply for universities in the USA
  • Get your student visa approved (F1 visa)
  • Win scholarships and secure financial aid
  • Get valuable internships
  • Use your OPT and CPT smartly
  • Prepare for the job market: job application, interview, and resume tips
  • Get your dream job and work sponsorship (H1B visa)
  • Build a successful global career anywhere

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