Global Human Resources Course  

This course covers philosophies, strategies, technology, and best practices of HRM. The focus is on developing managerial capabilities, planning, and implementation strategies to handle HRM opportunities and challenges which students may face in their future career. The course will help HR and/or business professionals to understand how HR can be a strategic partner in an organization and drives business performance and changes. The old mentality which sees HR as an administrative function is outdated, nowadays; HR has a special seat with the C-suite. There is a growing realization that the effective utilization of human resources can strengthen strategic performance and support business goals. HRM impacts an organization’s capacity to improve organizational performance, contain costs, limit liability, develop sustainable practices, and promote a high quality of work life for employees.

Course Objectives/Goals

Upon course completion, students will be able to:

  1. Understand strategies, concepts, functions, measurements, and best practices in HRM
  2. Realize the importance of HRM for building organization capabilities, leveraging talent, and the importance of creating a culture of success through key HRM functions to “manage change” in real-world organizations
  3. Understand the importance and how to partner with HR to successfully support domains/departments
  4. Or become an HR professional that quickly recognizes issues, adapts to new realities, stays abreast of changes, and implements HR strategies that support the business strategy and drive positive business results

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