One-on-one orientation with a specialist in Global Talent Management. 

Ask questions and doubts about your global career to a specialist in Global Talent Management who has worked with global companies managing their talents. For example, you can ask about: job search and application, global selection process, performance at work, global career development, conflicts with coworkers and managers, challenges faced when dealing with a different culture at work, and others. 

You can gain from this section: 

  • A customized service to your professional needs
  • Coaching in how to grow beyond your home-country
  • Have your questions and doubts answered by a specialist who understands how global labor market works
  • Have professional guidance with a specialist who has worked with global companies and knows what they look for when hiring internationally
  • Have support in your career abroad

Language: English or Portuguese.

Online session: phone, skype, facetime, or hangouts.

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