• “I was having issues in finding a job within an international company where I could use my ability of talking in different languages and skills acquired for living abroad in Europe. Ubeyon helped me to evaluate and create a new resume and job letter. We also discussed about how to search for jobs and market myself. I successfully got few calls to participate in selection processes and was hired by a multinational in Brazil with its headquarter in Italy.”

    Monika Ohara ( Multilingual VP Assistant - Japan, Brazil )

  • “Ubeyon introduced me to a Global IT company where I was hired and grew my career in sales of technology. I worked with teams in USA, India and UK acquiring million dollars business and managing a multicultural team of 10 members. After growing into a director level, I also participated as a business owner in its selection processes hiring people to be part of my team. It is extremely resourceful in finding talented professionals abroad.”

    Nick Mehandziski ( Sales Director - Bulgaria, USA )

  • “I worked with Ubeyon’s owner and she is a dynamic leader with excellent organizational ability, work ethic and value for raising human talent and potential through empowerment. I had the honor of working with her at the United Nations Youth Assembly, which was an educational symposium and training campaign of 1000 young leaders from 40 different countries of the world. She was extremely adept at understanding the needs of this diversified pool of talent and consequently imparted the best of training as per the vision of United Nations”

    Sebastian Mony ( Marketing, Media Communications and Digital Strategy – India, USA )

  • “Ubeyon’s owner wants to be more than just a client relationship manager: she wants to be your partner! I have rarely come across vendors who really listen to my needs as a customer who can also guide me through how they will evolve over time. She is honest to a fault and will forgo the quick hit to ensuring the long term relationship is maintained. She is extremely knowledgeable on HR issues (both US and international) and their impacts on multi-national and global companies. I wholeheartedly and emphatically recommend her services.”

    Luigi Pedalino ( Vice President, IT Infrastructure – USA )

  • “I worked with an Ubeyon’s professional who was one of the best judges of character that I have known, very hard worker who understands business and people on a global scale. It is very thorough in its decision making and takes hiring new talent very seriously. It was a pleasure to work with its worker and to consider it as an even better friend.”

    Nicholas Orlando ( Program Coordinator - USA )

  • “I had known one of Ubeyon’s professionals and worked with Ms. Luana as a graduate student in our MBA program. She effectively collaborated with faculty to achieve EFMD-EPAS accreditation for the MBA program. I still remember her dedication and excellent work ethics. She possessed very strong work habits and she was an excellent team player. In addition, she delivered lectures to MBA students about carrier opportunities, resumes, and interviews. She helped us to place our students as interns and full-time employees.”

    Dr. Veysel Yucetepe ( Associate Professor & Executive Director - USA )

  • “Ubeyon has worked with a billion dollar client in USA hiring internationally and growing the cleint’s offshore team from 30 to 100 professionals. The success comes from its management style and Global HR practices implementation. Also, I admired its tenacity and eagerness to solve a problem, if it doesn’t have the answer, it will get back to you with one! Ubeyon faces challenges head on with no sweat and thrives on making clients 1,000% satisfied.”

    Ivana Labadessa (Brazil)

  • “Ubeyon has implemented selection processes internationally and hired professionals from Brazil, India, USA and Europe to work remotely or in a different country. Its client initiated a project in Brazil hiring 12 professionals in 2 years; I was one of the professionals hired in USA. It also has knowledge of different visas process and labor markets.”

    Juliana Moretto ( Management Accountant - Brazil, USA )


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